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Company Logo for use of all officials purpose across Corporate Office, Units and Locations

Magnesium Chloride &Liquid Bromine prices at Kharaghoda

CMD, HSL / SSL Mandi, Himachal Pradesh Visit

Appeal for Electricity Consumption in Office Permises

Observance of Vigilance Awareness Week at HSL/SSL and all Units

HSL Mandi has won Prize during Mine Safety Week - 2019

Company's Salt prices at Sambhar

Company's Rock Salt prices at Mandi, H.P.

Procedure for putting up File Notesheet Regarding

Daily Report Submission to OSD to CMD Regarding

Bill Submission to Finance & Accounts Regarding

Order regarding Company ID for employee of Kharaghoda Unit

Order regarding Company ID for employee of Mandi Unit

Order regarding Company ID for employee of Sambhar Unit

Expression of Interest (EOI) for Registration Of MSE’s/Start-Up/Women Entrepreneur in HSL & SSL

Download Conduct, Discipline and Appeal Rule 2018

Download Format for Performance Appraisal Report of the Executive of HSL/SSL

Code of Business Conduct and Ethics for Board Members and Senior Management

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