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Company's Rock Salt prices at Mandi, H.P.

Sell of Company's old Salt at Sambhar

Application invited for Appointment of Consignee Selling Agent (C.S.A)/ Super Stockist/Distributor for sale industrial / edible salt.

Circular for sell of Pan Salts from Deodani Pan Works and M. L. Pan works at Sambhar

Expression of Interest (EOI) for Registration Of MSE’s/Start-Up/Women Entrepreneur in HSL & SSL

Tender for Salt Production at Various Pans for the Company

Bromine and Magnesium Chloride prices at Kharaghoda

Company's Salt prices at Sambhar

Salt Production in Developed Pan at Deodani & Gudha on Notified Rates.

Download Conduct, Discipline and Appeal Rule 2017

Download Format for Performance Appraisal Report of the Executive of HSL/SSL

Code of Business Conduct and Ethics for Board Members and Senior Management

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