Double Fortified Salt

A form of table salt manufactured to contain iron and iodine can fight off anemia among Pepole, Iron fortified salt has been extensively tested and its effectiveness in improving iron status and reducing the prevalence of anaemia has been clearly demonstrated. The merit of this technology is that the vehicle used for fortification, namely salt, is universally consumed by all segments including the poor among whom anaemia is much more prevalent.

Although the technology for the fortification of salt has been available for the past one decade, it has not been introduced on a large scale to combat iron deficiency anaemia in India. Iron-fortified salt is currently being produced on a small scale only by a few private manufacturers

NOW... the SAMBHAR SALTS LIMITED has introduced Double Fortified Salt which is something quite different. Entirely natural lake salt with iron and iodine having following specifications :





Sodium Chloride- percent by wt. Min



Iodine-ppm minimum

35 ppm


Iron contents-ppm minimum

1000 ppm

Advantages of Double fortified Salt

  • Double Fortified Salt is safe for human body.
  • No Difference in Taste.
  • Enriched with Iron and Iodine.
  • Increases hemoglobin percentage in the blood.
  • Good for the anemic patients.
  • Good for pregnant and small kids.
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