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Sambhar Lake, Rajasthan

Contact Details:
Shri Alok Kr Srivastava

Phone No. - +91 7069004104  

E Mail ID:-alok.srivastava@indiansalt.com

Product Details:

Kshaar is a Sanskrit words which means 'Alkaline'. Our salt comes from the recesses of the pristine and holy Sambhar lake that is blessed by Maa Shakumbhari Devi.  Mother's temple atop a hill inside the Sambhar lake showers the lake with her divine blessings.

It is the only salt in the world having a pH value in the range of 9.00 to 10.00. This high pH, value, makes our salt ‘anti-acidic’ with tremendous amount of added “Therapeutic value”. The product will prove to be highly beneficial for our countrymen in enhancing their health immunity and will act as a shield for protection against COVID-19 virus with numerous other health benefits.  

This premium product is  unique in nature,  produced with utmost care from the lake brine and the sub- soil brine of the blessed Sambhar Lake. SSL’s salt production team has developed a special set of techniques, which ensure that our salt remains organic in nature with more than 99% NaCl content and develops a high pH value of 9.00 to 10.00. This makes our salt  an alkalised salt with numerous proven health benefits. The Mother Nature has also blessed us by infusing natural iodisation to this salt. Thus, this  product of SSL  becomes a pure natural product with no added chemical and fully organic in nature

Here are the key unique features of our salt:

  1. The Pink Colour

The Pink Himalayan salt has taken the market by the storm, however most of the pink salt is adulterated by the artificial colours. Our lake is naturally pink owing to the formation of algae on top of the salt. The algae gives a lot of unique and healthy properties which are mentioned in the other points below.

                                                                                                                                                                    2. Alkalinity

The pH value of our salt is 9+. It is a well-researched fact that alkalinity boosts our immunity and provides us with many health benefits. Alkalinity,

    1. Combats acidity and promotes gut health.
    2. Improves metabolism, aids in weight loss.
    3. Reduces heart burn prevents heart diseases.
    4. Enhances skin tone and stimulates anti-aging.
    5. Boosts immunity.

        3. Naturally Iodised

Due to the presence of special type of algae on the lake, our salt is naturally iodised at 8 to 15 parts per million. Bio available iodine(natural iodine) is more retentive and absorbable than the artificial iodine that is found in the common salt found in the market.

        4. 54+ Minerals

Apart from NaCl , our salt also contains 54+ rare minerals including zinc and copper ions.


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