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Sambhar Lake, Rajasthan

Contact Details:
Shri Alok Kr Srivastava

Phone No. - +91 7069004104  

E Mail ID:-alok.srivastava@indiansalt.com

Product Details:

Due to its high pH, high NaCl and low sulphur content, Sambhar Salt is only salt suitable  as raw material for production of Kala Namak.  After Value additions  with Triphla (Harad seeds, Amla, Bahera and Babul bark), our salt gets transformed into Kalanamak by a team of proficient Kalanamak artisans of  Kanpur  who treat the Raw Kshaar Salt with Harad seeds, Amla and Babul bark in a controlled  environment,  in an earthen pot fired with Upla and Charcoal for 24-28 hrs. at  about 700–800oCelcius and then Kalanamak is extracted for use as a natural  laxative and for many other health and therapeutic  benefits.

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