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Hindustan Salts Limited (HSL) was incorporated on 12th of April, 1958 as a Company fully owned by the Government of India to take over the salt sources at Sambhar, Didwana and Kharaghoda earlier managed by the Salt Department, Government of India. This is the only Central Government Public Sector undertaking engaged in the manufacture of salt. The Company started its business in January 1959. It also has major salt production works measuring 23,000 acres of land at Kharaghoda in Distt. Surendernagar in Gujarat. Sambhar Salt Limited has been made a subsidiary Company and has over 90 sq. miles of production area at Sambhar and Nawa. Both the companies have recently diversified the business on many counts and considerable infrastructure has been added to produce various varieties of high quality salt. Therefore depending on the orders, We can process and send any type and quantity of salt.
We do dry mining of rock salt at another unit of Hindustan Salt Limited at Mandi (Himachal Pradesh) which is presently used as animal lick. Since 116 million tonnes of proven rock deposits have been established in Mandi rock mines, we propose to set up a Solution Mining Project. In addition, we have supply centres at Gandhidham, Bharuch in Gujarat and Ramnagar in Uttranchal. Our specialisation is to produce high quality salt particularly for chlor-alkali (Membrane & Mercury Cell type) Industries, Textile, Soap & Detergent Industries, Leather Industries & Power Projects.
Besides Common Salt, High quality(BIS Standard) of Liquid Bromine and Magnesium Chloride is also produced at Kharaghoda Unit. The current installed capacity of Liquid Bromine is 450 MT and Magnesium Chloride is 7500 MT. Bromine is mainly used for Pesticides, Pharmaceuticals, fire extinguishers, dyes and other bromo-compounds.
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