Technical Capabilities

Hindustan Salts Ltd considers itself tobe flagship holder in salt related works. There are several important projects from the R&D point of view. The salient features are covered below

Purification of common salt in Sambhar for use in Membrane Cell and Mercury Cell technology Caustic Soda Plants. The Salt thus produced will enjoy a price advantage of at least Rs. 800/- PMT as compared to the marine salt produced ex. Gujarat Coast.

Removal of algae and heavy metals from the salt lake at Sambhar so as to reduce TOC (total organic compound) in the salt to acceptable limits.

Making use of mother liquor at Sambhar & Nawa which is rich in sodium sulphate for commercial exploitation.

Making double fortified salt (iron as well as iodine enriched) salt for supplying to such population suffering from iron deficiency. In addition to present practice to reduce iodise deficiency.

To make model salt farms which will help in educating the salt manufacturers for manufacturing quality salt in the country.

Integrated recovery of marine chemicals and industrial grade II salt through Central Salt & Marine Chemicals Research Institute, Bhavnagar (CSMCRI).

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